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Sheet Metal Fabrication & Retail Sales


Gelco Chimney Tops

Hy-C Band-around Chimney Tops

Several solutions are available for protecting your customers chimney from weather and pesky critters. Some of the brands we carry are Hy C , Gelco, Big Top and the Hy C Band-around chimney tops. 

Copper Gutter Systems

Wether your looking for the more standard 5 “K” Ogee style or the more traditional Half Round style Port Sheet Metal can help you in getting all the parts needed to make for a smooth install.  View PDF

Copper Downspouts

Port Sheet Metal carries both Round and Square downspouts in both corrugated or plain styles.  View PDF

Galvanized Gutter Systems

If your on a budget, installing a galvanized gutter system is the more economical way to go.  View PDF

Galvanized Downspouts

Port Sheet Metal stocks both galvinized round corrugated and plain round downspout and accessories.  View PDF

White Aluminum Gutter & Downspout Components

At Port Sheet Metal we stock standard 5K white aluminum gutter and 2×3 downspouts in 10′ lengths including, miters, sections with outlets, several mounting brackets, elbows to name a few.  Call today and get started on that gutter project!  View PDF